All about transitions and flooring

All about transitions and flooring

When shopping for new floors, you'll need to think about transition: what happens when two flooring types meet?

While it would be wildly convenient to use the same flooring throughout the house, it just wouldn't be practical. Every space has different aesthetic and functional needs. A transition strip is an answer.

Different strips for different uses

We're probably most familiar with the thin metal or aluminum pieces on floors between rooms. However, transition strips can also be decorative; for example, I have a thin marble look between the bedroom and bath.

Tell the professionals at the flooring store exactly how and where you plan to use it.

There are different strips for different thicknesses and seamings.

For example, there are transition strips just for going from carpet to tile, among others.

Making a safer transition

A strip gives people a "heads up" on different floor levels. One can avoid tripping on overhangs or getting their heels caught in gaps.

Why a transition strip is always a better option

Sometimes you will use the same flooring type in two adjacent spaces, such as ceramic/ceramic. However, you will still be advised to use a strip.

Our flooring company installers will need to adjust the product's seams. Seams accommodate expansion and contraction, varying from room to room.

Remember, a transition strip makes the floor fit properly. Even with like materials, gaps can be created. The transition strip will cover those and provide visual breaks–you may want them, even if the floor colors blend well.

As always, consider your overall decor

You don't want clashing colors, patterns, and styles even with a transition strip. Just be sure they coordinate well, so you have a cohesive look with your new floors.

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